T-SHIRT dye - black
T-SHIRT dye - black
T-SHIRT dye - black
T-SHIRT dye - black
149.00 NIS

T-SHIRT dye - black

Hand washed high-quality T-shirt

Fine and slim Open neckline.
Detailed and contemporary fit.
Handmade abstract shibori print.
Made with love for stylish men. 

Unique dyeing technique that gives a special natural print to the garment

95% cotton 5% spandex 

All textile items have a handmade-wash detail so they may be slightly different from the photo presented. Please feel free to contact me and ask for photos of your purchased item before shipping it to you. 

In the working process, I take great consideration of the quality of the materials up to the final item.
by purchasing an item, you will be supporting independent designers, craftsmanship and small and unique businesses. you will enjoy a unique one of a kind product that was made with personal attention.