step into my world

Macchia is a Local studio for design

Specializing in unique fashion from natural fabrics

focusing in slow fashion, textile art and craftsmanship

with awareness to the sustainability trend


Macchia is a result of what really inspires me, people and their appearance

I believe that we should be comfortable with what we wear and who we are


My process is personal and intuitive

it can come from a feeling, a vision or the Structure of a material

my working space is my home and my studio

this allows me a full and honest creation


 My name is Ofri Cohen, founder of Macchia,

A fashion designer, a visual artist, a wondering spirit 😊



One of a kind -Handmade items that explore the boundary between art and design


Ready-to-wear - Solid colors in loose cuts. A multi-season collection that offers the basic items that we all love to wear, such as comfortable pants or light kimonos produced locally


Recycle Redesign - The fashion industry is the second biggest pollutant in our plant. These items were created and reborn without Creating more material in the world. They allow me to approach them as if they were a naked canvas and relate to redesign And recycle differently 


Yoga wear- Made for stylish active women. items that allow movement and flexibility


Accessories- Jewelry and fashion accessories from Macchia's world, such as handmade hats or light scarfs