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a year ago i opened my shop at NOGA neighborhood in TLV. In those days i didn't really think it will be a long term thing. i was aiming for a nice POP UP just for the holiday season.
I searched for a space in my neighborhood and found my tiny shop :) from that day, I found many other exciting things happening next door. i found out how in this wonderful area there are strong & creative women. owners of local businesses. creators of their own reality.

if you know me just a little bit, you know that i can't resist talented & diligent women :) so, i offered a fun day together. each lady bought to the table her profession, her vision, her point of view, and just like that the magic happened. there is some thing about collaborating with women that has soft and sensitive energy. that experience showed me there is so much place for communication among women and the amount of power we have!


@ziv_yoga is a yoga instructor & therapist. Check out her studio
I practice 3 times a week just to get recharged from her beautiful energy 🙏

@rommy_s is the most talented tattoo artist ever! Yep. My body is full of her amazing art 🖤 Check out her amazing work

@bohomebyme and her beautiful bohemian aesthetics can teach you all about home styling in a natural vibe. Trust me, you have to follow!

@shirdd is a video editor & photographer. Behind the lens she tells stories in the most creative & authentic way. Shir is also a part of macchia's team ❤

enjoy :)



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