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In this blog post I'm going to share cool facts about traditional wear.

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Harem pants are among the chicest bottoms out there. You would think that such an unconventional cut would last only a season, but these pants are gaining steam as a more mainstream wardrobe item.

The draped fabric hid the shape of the body, but formed an elegant and unique silhouette.

Harem pants have been around since long before 90’s hip hop and today’s runway looks, however. In fact, this style is about two thousand years old. Originating from the east, this kind of a silhouette has roots in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Iran.

Harem pants shown in Arabian Nights

Harem pants have got to be one of the most interesting and comfortable garments ever invented, and honestly, I don’t know why they are not more popular in Western fashion. Most commonly known as “harem pants” in the West, they can also go by the names “genie pants”, “elephant pants”, “Aladdin pants”, “parachute pants”, “Sarouel pants”, “Thai pants”, “pantaloons”.

19th century Algerian woman wearing the traditional pants which inspired 'harem pants'.

Poiret,( ) whose designs were most popular from 1904-1924, would finally introduce the harem pant to the Western world, not for practical or social reasons, but for fashion alone. (although the timing was certainly influenced by the culture). Poiret was greatly inspired by Oriental, Persian, and Eastern styles, and these played heavily into his collections. His collections were made up of kimonos, turbans, tunics, flamboyant embroidery, eye makeup, ornate jewelry, and finally in 1911, the arrival of the long awaited “Harem Skirt”, as it was first called. Poiret’s harem pants arrived at a time of women’s rights advancements in history, (this was right around the peak of the woman’s suffrage movement) and they became popular with the more progressive ladies of the time willing to “shock” polite society. Even the name “Harem Pants” was designed to stand out as modern and exotic. Poiret’s One Thousand and Second Night Ball (inspired by the 1001 Arabian Nights stories) was a place to show off his collections, and harem pants along with hobble skirts and lampshade tunics, were the most desired styles of the time.

Paul Poiret harem pants, 1911

Harem pants began popping back up in the 60’s and 70’s. However, it was during the late 80’s that they made a full-force comeback, and I am sure you can hazard a guess as to the reason why. Rapper and dancer MC Hammer was as well known for his moves and rhymes as his outrageous sense of style. The cut was perfect for him to perform in, both because of the crazy shape, and the fact that it allowed for ease of movement when dancing. Harem or “hammer” pants made a famed appearance in MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” music video. Up through the early nineties, “hammer pants” were a popular trend.

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